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these are predominately my own.

I think I owned this band tshirt over a decade ago. #somethingcorporate #andrewmcmahon #soco #nostalgia
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I think I owned this band tshirt over a decade ago. #somethingcorporate #andrewmcmahon #soco #nostalgia

The Secret of Spinach Juice.

Hint: It’s that you can’t taste the spinach!
Full Recipe Here.

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Corn Chowder with Spicy Sausage.
Summery sweet corn and earthy green kale are rounded out with spicy sausage and cream, making this a hearty soup perfect for a rainy summer day.

Full Recipe Here.

Cherry Lime Rickey Chia Pudding.
Just like the delicious drink, only in coconut milk based chia pudding form. Totally delightful.
Fulle Recipe Here.


Sharp Scape Pesto and Pesto Roasted Chicken.

Garlic scapes, onion chives, and kale make for a spring-y, green tasting, sharp pesto, perfect for roasted chicken, or pizza, or penne, or potatoes, or just about anything.
Click Here For Full Recipe.

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Vanilla Bean-Orange Blossom Coconut Panna Cotta. 
Rich, creamy, velvety coconut-vanilla goodness with a kiss of orange. 
Full Recipe Here.

Little Market Kitchen is my new food blog. It is awesome, and the things I make are delicious. You should follow it. 

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